For over a decade, the construction industry and lenders have been promised a fully integrated project management platform. No one has truly done it, until now…


AVASIS is the next-generation, comprehensive, end-to-end construction project management software. It connects all stakeholders – developers, owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, title and insurance companies, and bankers in an integrated platform, enabling full transparency throughout the project delivery process.

When lenders connect to AVASIS, the flow of funds is managed, connecting everyone along the way in a secure, legal, payment eco-system. Increasing the speed of task completion, approval, and payment while significantly reduces mistakes and delays.

AVASIS’ unprecedented level of information transparency provides the highest levels of efficiency and communication ever seen in project management. From lender to laborer, AVASIS helps get the job done faster, and with less risk.

Better Control For Everyone

Better information equals better control. All schedules, documents, insurance certificates, loan draws and detail photos are instantly accessible and available to those with permission access in the project. Lenders have total clarity into the flow of funds and payment confirmations, reducing financial risk. Builders can manage every phase of construction while owners can rest assured they know exactly what’s going on with their project, vendors, and bills. And everyone else involved from architect to plumber can see what they need to know to do their jobs better!

Build Your Team

Collaboration is an important key element in a successful project. AVASIS is the answer to creating that synergy, maximizing the efficiency of your project. AVASIS software allows the disparate stakeholders in a project to benefit from integrated, real-time information, enabling collaboration and transparency across every aspect of the project, between business, labor, consultants, insurance, and lending companies. From drawings and bids to schedule and financials, AVASIS unifies the project.

Control Your Finances

AVASIS provides a powerful suite of financial tools that expedites payment to subs, eliminates draw surprises, and mitigates financial risks. You can track every step of your project, ensuring each stage stays on schedule and within the budget.

Control Access With “Permissions”

With our easy to use permissions system, AVASIS allows the primary stakeholder (often the builder) to select standard access configuration or customize what each stakeholder or user views in the software. This simple “control” system provides extraordinary levels of transparency to key participants in the build process – from lender, title company and insurance company, to the owner, tenant, buyer, real estate agent, engineer, architect, sub-contractor, developer, or builder. Each user can view the critical information assigned to him or her, to effectively monitor and communicate as part of the project’s team.

Flag Alerts Means Fewer Mistakes And Delays

AVASIS ties schedule to budget. If payments exceed schedule, the system turns to RED indicating there’s an issue. It’s instantly visible, obvious, and gets your attention before a major problem develops. AVASIS proactively guides all team members and stakeholder through every step and every aspect of compliance.

On The Job Photo Documentation

In the past, it was a hassle for developers to get and send photos or get reports or updates. With AVASIS, it’s automatic. Take photos of work in progress and upload into the project file, along with all the automated schedule and planning details. Seeing the state of completion for your project takes the guesswork out of each critical phase and keeps everyone working from one version of the truth.


Construction isn’t 9 to 5, behind a desk, or tied to a computer. On-site data collection of current activities can’t be processed manually through spreadsheets or paper reports. With AVASIS’ mobile application, data is captured anytime, anywhere, using smart phones, tablets, or laptops, adding convenience to your tool kit.

Intuitive And Easy To Use

Ideally, it would be great to have lots of time to learn new software programs. In the real world of construction, time away from the job means lost wages. That’s why AVASIS has developed software that’s intuitive and easy to use. Give us 15 minutes to show you AVASIS and we’ll give you 5 good reasons to sign-up.

Competitive Advantage

There are other software programs and then, there are the benefits of Avasis. With so many great features and single-platform convenience, not to mention cost-effective pricing, it’s easy to see why AVASIS is the only software you need to make your work flow better. And smarter!

Better Performance. Better Pricing.

AVASIS is a single platform so you don’t need any additional modules or programs. Pricing starts at $189/month (over the course of the project) for projects up to $4M building cost. For projects over $4M up to $50M please call for a quote, or click here to send a pricing request.

And to make it even easier for you to get started, the first 30 days are free.

Customized for Construction

Get the right tools for the job to keep your project and business on the critical path for success.

Unlimited Users

Everyone involved with your project can take advantage of seamless collaboration at no extra cost. No user limit per project.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.

Advanced Scheduling

Get rid of that desk calendar and keep your project on track. You can view your project’s schedule in calendar, list, and Gantt formats.


Have your entire projected documented in one place. Organized, complete, and easily accessed at any time.

Manage Selections

Work with the builder to easily track selections throughout the project. Manage change orders, check progress, and more.