AVASIS for Lenders

From the moment a binding commitment letter is issued, the risk begins. Underwriting construction loans, without a mechanism to monitor progress – or lack thereof – puts the lender’s time and money at risk.

AVASIS provides access to immediate information, enabling lenders to assess the health of a project, the personnel, and the underlying loan – all in real time.

Risk Mitigation Tools

AVASIS enables lenders to maintain a keen eye throughout the project, accounting for flow of funds and payment confirmations, reducing financial risk. AVASIS Flag Alerts provide transparency to the lender. Flag Alerts provide the real time information builders need to make course corrections before issues become problems and deadlines are missed.

By compiling and archiving all required documentation for bank draws, AVASIS creates a more efficient and safer draw process. AVASIS’ risk management and compliance feature confirms insurance and licensing. When it comes to lending, transparency is key. Lenders can remotely monitor projects seeing recent photos, getting a snapshot of the current condition, and following the flow of money. Full transparency into every project allows you to track funds throughout the project—from lender to laborer.

Limit Your Risk

Each site and build-out budget ties to a schedule. With AVASIS, due and past due items are monitored and reported. Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smart phone – you have instant access to track and monitor the status of the assets. At key project milestones, you will know when work is completed. This reduces the hassle of contacting builders to ascertain project status since you both will see the same status reports.

Competitive And Profitable

When you provide your clients access to AVASIS software, they transition from borrowers to collaborators, giving them the ability to proactively monitor their investment. A full end-to-end solution for your clients puts you at a competitive advantage, since you can write more loans while assuming less risk.

Speed. Efficiency. Security.

By streamlining the construction process, AVASIS streamlines the payment process, giving you the ability to increase the number of draws per construction loan, more accurately, cost efficiently, and faster. AVASIS lenders can increase their revenue opportunity by moving more money faster and reducing the risk on their investments. Hitting your numbers just got easier!

Customized for Construction

Get the right tools for the job to keep your project and business on the critical path for success.

Monitor Compliance

Mitigating risk can make or break your business, let AVASIS help monitor insurance, licensing, and more for everyone on a project.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.

Speed-up Processes

Reduce time spent on tedious manual processes. Monitor more projects and all while reducing valuable man-hours.

Get Notified

With automated ‘Flag Alerts’ you can stay informed by being notified at key project milestones, approve or deny draws, and more.

Increase Returns

Increase your revenue opportunity by moving money faster and reducing the risk on your investments. Hitting your numbers just got easier.