AVASIS for Insurance

AVASIS helps to monitor that a project is compliant. The challenges and expense associated with construction defects and loss exposure are changing rapidly with new materials, technologies, variation in codes and standards, uninsured and unskilled labor, and other variables. The expense of construction defects can be staggering, yet with proactive AVASIS monitoring, these risks can be mitigated in many instances.


AVASIS can help monitor insurance, licensing, and more for everyone on a project. Because the AVASIS system is Cloud based, sharing, and storing information across the job site is easy, efficient, and creates another mechanism of accountability. With centralized documentation, the entire project is stored in one place: organized, complete, and easily accessed at any time, from anywhere.

The Power Of Information

AVASIS helps mitigate potential risks by addressing them before they become damaging problems.

Aggregated and critical data can be readily accessed and monitored, ensuring the project is compliant. If something is late or missing, the project manager will know. AVASIS even provides notifications when insurance is going to lapse. This advanced notice system allows for prompt correction of problems, potentially preventing loss exposure. And in the case of a claim, photos and documentation are stored inside the AVASIS system, creating a level of accountability you can count on, as compared to random paperwork and subjective “stories.”

Customized for Construction

Get the right tools for the job to keep your project and business on the critical path for success.

Monitor Compliance

Mitigating risk can make or break your business, let AVASIS help monitor insurance, licensing, and more for everyone on a project.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.

Speed-up Processes

Reduce time spent on tedious manual processes. Monitor more projects and all while reducing valuable man-hours.

Get Notified

With automated ‘Flag Alerts’ you get notified at key project milestones—know when work is complete and the last inspection has passed.

Marketing Tool

Get an advantage over your competitors and leverage AVASIS as the powerful marketing tool it is. Your customers will thank you.