AVASIS for Insurance

AVASIS For Title Companies

In a competitive marketplace, even title companies must differentiate their services from the competition. AVASIS offers you that differentiation with its incomparable service suite, collaborative functionality, and ability to keep your clients engaged.


Title companies play a vital role in the construction process. It is through their thorough examination of property records that buyers are assured of rightful ownership. This thoroughness requires transparency and access to all the facts and data on the property. With AVASIS, continuity and transparency, from start to finish, and all data points in between, mean you can track and support title processing faster and more accurately.

Proper Audit Trail

Having access to all the data can enable the title to clear faster. With centralized documentation, the property – and your entire project –are documented in one place: organized, complete, and easily accessed at anytime from anywhere – eliminating the headache of document storage and distribution. Prior to the project start, AVASIS can store all documents and notations of the project. Centralized documentation establishes a proper audit trail because it allows all stakeholders to provide critical information with real-time reporting and documentary photos.

Mitigate Your Risk

AVASIS provides you access to lien releases and ensures that all personnel working on the project are licensed and insured.

AVASIS For Builders Associations

Associations provide their members with a host of benefits through affiliation and continually seek to provide services that solidify their value propositions with best in class offerings. A collaborative partnership with AVASIS not only provides your members with a complete solution for their construction project management; it also provides your association with new ways to speak to your membership.

Give Your Members More

As your industry partner, AVASIS not only provides an end-to-end solution for your members: AVASIS can also customize this solution by helping sponsor events to create awareness about your association and the benefits you provide your members.

As a powerful marketing tool, AVASIS will give you an edge over your competitors and reinforce the benefits of membership.

AVASIS For Architects And Engineers

AVASIS provides all the same benefits of real time information and instant accessibility to documents and permits, to architects, engineers and the suppliers who have to realize each piece of the building process. Better visibility, immediate document updates and a single archive means your work will be clear and available to everyone who needs it. NO more hunting around for papers, looking for the latest version of a blueprint or wondering if everyone has seen it. With AVASIS, the design and construction process is streamlined by allowing all the critical stakeholders to have the information they need.

AVASIS For Property Managers

Property management is all about managing systems and people. Too little, too slow, too late, and your business gets blamed. AVASIS is designed to remove the element of surprise, giving you instant awareness about all your maintenance and schedule requirements. Keeping your owners happy is the goal and that’s what AVASIS helps you achieve, by improving efficiency, maintaining documentation, and ensuring that projects get done – properly and on time.

AVASIS For Homeowners

At the end of the day, it’s the homeowner or building owner who needs to be happy with the project. Whether it’s a ground-up new building or a small remodel, the details and performance of the team making it all come together are what the owner is going to focus on. And it only takes a few small mistakes to make an owner skeptical. And unhappy.

AVASIS provides easy and convenient access to a project, giving owners immediate awareness about schedules, budgets, workmanship, and best of all, on-site photos, so they can “see” the progress from the comfort of their own home, office or even while traveling. This improves confidence, allows for faster “change orders” and reduces distraction on the site as owners don’t need to be on premises in order to know what’s going on. Think of AVASIS as Owner Peace Of Mind.

Customized for Construction

Get the right tools for the job to keep your project and business on the critical path for success.

Monitor Compliance

Mitigating risk can make or break your business, let AVASIS help monitor insurance, licensing, and more for everyone on a project.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.

Speed-up Processes

Reduce time spent on tedious manual processes. Monitor more projects and all while reducing valuable man-hours.

Get Notified

With automated ‘Flag Alerts’ you get notified at key project milestones—know when work is complete and the last inspection has passed.

Marketing Tool

Get an advantage over your competitors and leverage AVASIS as the powerful marketing tool it is. Your customers will thank you.