AVASIS for Developers

Every project you do is unique. The development process is a complex orchestration of many moving parts. And what you don’t know can bite you. The ripple effect of delays, budget shortfalls, or a lack of communication, can wreak havoc on your time, your investment, and your reputation. With AVASIS, you can reduce the unknowns.

Accountability Through Organization

Because AVASIS was created by a real-world team of real estate developers, builders, and lenders, you get the benefit of real-time monitoring of all the important stuff…so when an issue does arise, you can take immediate action to correct the problem.

Developers take a large risk every time a build is launched. Schedules can slip, budgets can creep, and other variables can conspire against the project. With centralized documentation, your entire project is archived in one place: organized, complete, and easily accessed at any time, from anywhere.

AVASIS eliminates the need for double entry and spreadsheets. You can work with your builder to easily track elements throughout the project, create SOW’s based on scheduling, have a heads-up on delays, manage change orders, check progress, and more.

“Information is power and AVASIS gives you the ability to stay ahead of problems, not behind them.”

The AVASIS Dashboard Provides An Instant Overview

The AVASIS Dashboard provides transparency into each job site, where you can monitor every aspect of your projects. You can get a real-time overview of the schedule and financial status of your project, see what’s taking place onsite today, view photos of the project’s progress, and confirm a wide array of details.

FlagAlerts offers you the operational control needed when scheduled work and flow of funds must be aligned. If payments exceed schedule, you are alerted that a potential problem has developed – it’s like a built-in bookkeeper, minding the flow of funds and your assets.

Compliance = Confidence

With a built-in compliance overview, everyone on the project is assessed to ensure a current insurance and business license. When trades are held accountable, performance increases and draws are expedited, translating to a happier workforce and increased worker loyalty.

Only AVASIS offers a suite of innovative financial products designed to expedite payment to subs, create payment flexibility and generate rewards.

Return On Your Investment

As a developer, your vision, hard work, and risk-reward assessment are based on effective construction, responsible workers, and budget control. You don’t cut corners or scrimp on the essentials, so why let others hijack your margins and profit. With AVASIS, a small investment can enable you and the other stakeholders on your project to build smarter, helping you increase performance while mitigating potential mistakes and financial losses. At a low cost, fixed monthly fee, AVASIS is the smarter choice.

“The tools that AVASIS have introduced for the management of our projects is amazing. We have never seen a platform that allows you to see into every aspect of not one project but all of them. The planning and management of subcontractors is a game changer for us. This has allowed us to save time, money, and keep everyone accountable.” Damon Kuemmel, President – Sky Development & Design Group

Customized for Construction

Get the right tools for the job to keep your project and business on the critical path for success.

Unlimited Users

Everyone involved with your project can take advantage of seamless collaboration at no extra cost. No user limit per project.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.

Advanced Scheduling

Get rid of that desk calendar and keep your project on track. You can view your project’s schedule in calendar, list, and Gantt formats.


Have your entire projected documented in one place. Organized, complete, and easily accessed at any time.

Manage Selections

Work with the builder to easily track selections throughout the project. Manage change orders, check progress, and more.