AVASIS for Builders

In the world of construction, general contractors have to keep everything on track, on time, and on budget. Managing multiple sub-contractors and suppliers is a daunting task – and it’s impossible to check on everyone, all the time. Even harder is knowing that once a draw is submitted, there may be hidden problems that can expose a project to major risk.

AVASIS enables you to monitor the progress of the project, check the craftsmanship of the work, and pay promptly when a job is completed. Builders rely on cost and reputation to win clients. With AVASIS in your arsenal – you’ve added another reason for clients to choose you.

Real Time Reporting And Tracking

General contractors typically use multiple types of software to manage a project, ranging from bids, scheduling, finances, budget, drawings, and more. This patch-work approach rarely integrates – creating yet another thing to manage. With AVASIS, these and other construction related processes are performed on one, easy to use platform, providing transparency and accountability, increasing overall efficiency.

Better Building

From lender to laborer, AVASIS is the only construction project management software that helps you see all the details of a project, increasing performance, and reducing risk, and AVASIS works on all devices, from computers to tablets and smart phones, so everyone can have clarity into the project, wherever they are. With AVASIS, owners get jobs completed faster – a trickle down benefit for all stakeholders.

Transparency And Automation

The ability to monitor a job site instantly, eliminates mistakes, headaches, re-work, and angry customers. AVASIS allows you to customize your views so you can see schedule details in 3 day, 3 week, full project calendar view and Gant chart views. You can see real-time schedule progress percentages and daily work schedules. And you can share real-time photos with your clients, eliminating their need to visit the job site, further reducing distractions and risk.

Shielding And Protection

AVASIS is the most powerful tool in the general contractor’s arsenal. We understand your pain and more importantly, eliminate it. AVASIS was designed to protect you: taking away the tedious tasks of baby-sitting other people’s schedules, chasing subs, and filing papers. Best of all, AVASIS’ consolidated information and connection to lenders means proper cost projection is more precise, eliminating the guesswork – and surprise bank draws!

Protect Yourself

If you’re only checking on 20% of the sub-contractors, there’s an 80% likelihood that a problem is lurking with the project. Imagine a system alerting you when subs are out of compliance. With complete insight into all aspects of a project’s finances, you’re armed with the critical information for staying on budget, while holding all parties accountable.

AVASIS protects you when subs come under contract – before the work begins to ensure they are vetted and meet legal and insurance criteria.

Reduce Your Risk

Construction project management is far more than blueprints, loans, and labor. The best management includes knowing codes, understanding the products used, transferring risk where appropriate, complete documentation, and hiring the right sub-contractors. Without a standardized mechanism to prequalify sub-contracting firms, most general contractors evaluate subcontractors manually, using in-house resources to conduct risk assessment and assume elevated levels of risk without verifying insurance and licensure. There is more cost to risk management than insurance premiums. The time spent on assessing, managing, and dealing with losses is also costing you.

AVASIS’ risk management tools help ensure full compliance for everyone working on site. When risk managers have transparency into the project, their peace of mind translates into lower risk and better rates for you.

Evaluate Your Subcontractors

With AVASIS, builders can take the guesswork out of discerning reliable subs you can count on. Factors about sub-contractor work are noted, enabling builders to evaluate timeliness, reliability, and performance. Access to this data gives contractors immediate confidence. And when sub-contractors deliver as promised, you can reward them with faster and more flexible methods of payment.

Customized for Construction

Get the right tools for the job to keep your project and business on the critical path for success.

Unlimited Users

Manage your team, monitor compliance, change user roles, and with customizable permissions you can invite anyone to a project.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.

Advanced Scheduling

Get rid of that desk calendar and keep your project on track. You can view your project’s schedule in calendar, list, and Gantt formats.

Get Notified

With automated ‘Flag Alerts’ you can increase efficiencies by keeping your construction team, and others, updated in real-time.

Get Paid Faster

Streamlined payment processes allow you to get paid faster. Speeding up your business process and allowing you to move to the next job quicker.