The first truly seamless, fully-integrated solution, AVASIS brings together all stakeholders of a project on a single platform. From drawings and bids to schedules and financials, AVASIS enables collaboration and transparency for every aspect of a project.

Better Clarity

AVASIS smart-software is about to disrupt construction project management by giving every person on a project clarity and guidance at every stage. Whether you’re the owner, developer, contractor, sub, supplier, or lender, you get the information you need with instant access.

When you know what’s impacting your project, your business, and your investment in real-time, you can manage your responsibilities, assets, and risk proactively.

Using AVASIS software is like giving everyone a personal assistant that schedules, reminds, pushes, and tracks every move and every dollar so the project gets done right, on budget, and on schedule.

“Why would anyone argue with working smarter, faster and safer, with increased accuracy and fewer mistakes, delays, and cost overruns?”

Mobile To Go Wherever You Go

AVASIS works on all your devices: computers, tablets and smart phones, making your work, and your life, easier.,

Take A Quick Tour

Just click on this video and get a quick tour of AVASIS. You’ll be amazed by the comprehensive, yet easy to understand, integration of all the critical pieces – and people – that are part of any construction project.

Unite The Build

AVASIS is the complete construction project management solution for the construction industry. From Contractors to Suppliers, Lenders to Developers and Architects to Engineers – AVASIS brings all the stakeholders together, with one easy-to-use smart tool. Featuring unprecedented project clarity and intuitive, task-tailored guidance at every phase, AVASIS keeps everyone connected in real-time and is the only construction management platform that can be initiated and monitored by any and all of the stakeholders.

Control The Build

Eliminate the clutter and confusion, while increasing your efficiency with instant access to all schedules, permits, documents, plans, insurance, licensing, photos, and information. Your entire project is documented from start to finish, with unprecedented transparency and project-wide connection at your fingertips. AVASIS allows you to focus your efforts on getting the job done, while always staying a step ahead.

Secure The Build

AVASIS tracks every move and phase of your project, ensuring each piece stays connected, on schedule and within the budget. With the first-of-its-kind, intuitive AVASIS ‘flag alerts’ and compliance verification – AVASIS ensures your project stays on track and guides your teams to potential problems, before they become a risk and start to affect your business and the overall progress of the project.

Customized For Construction

AVASIS empowers users to manage the flow of funds from the Lender to the Laborer. Everyone gets paid faster, without risking the project or collateral.

It all comes together with AVASIS. From concept to completion, AVASIS puts the power to build safer, stronger and smarter in the palm of your hand–anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Your Schedules

Tailor your views to show schedules the way you like to see them – daily, weekly, or monthly, Gantt and list views let you know what is happening and when it’s happening.

Your “Flag Alerts”

Every task and every step of the project, AVASIS Flag Alerts will help you stay on task and on schedule.

Your Team

Invite as many stakeholders to a project as you’d like. From owner and architect to builder, subs, suppliers, and lenders, you decide who sees what, so they can help you succeed.

Your Mobility

The AVASIS platform goes wherever you go, on your smart-phone, tablet and laptop.

Your Financials

AVASIS financial integration lets you, and your lender, track every bid, expense, and draw, keeping your project on budget and getting your vendors paid faster.


Access project information in your office, on the road, or at a job site at the click of a button. Everything is secured in the cloud.